Here is how you make a 1923 Harley Davidson JD. (click on some images for larger view)

13 April 2012
(newer frame; still a 1922)

22 March 2012
24JE 7539 from Banning, California

other side (right)


head light (head lamp) work
Dec.2010 - Jan.2012

Frame with front forks.
(hook wrench shown there on wood block)
Pulling the old seat post
assembly out of the frame.
click here

Antique Cycle Supply closed in Nov.2011.

     The rear hub uses flat roller bearings. If the races are worn, replacement/over-size bearings are available....+0.0002"

     I am working with a rear wheel that uses 16 roller bearings on each side. These measure 0.248" by 0.490". This would make them 2289-25 which cross over the the present day number of 9920 (0.250").

     According to motorhead1 on the AMCA site, these are used on '58 and later big twins. Antique Cycle Supply shows them on page 90 available in many oversizes.

I can't put the word Document (2022_07_26.docx) in here and bring the images with it. To see Rear Hub details for earlier Harleys, click here - 2022_07_26.docx
This will download the Word document to your computer's documents folder.

Handle bars and triple-clamp

two Seat Frame pictures

compressing seat post springs
May 2011
link to carb rebuild

Making the 2 seat spings
Dec. 2011

Bill's Mesinger No. 1
Jan. 2012
Dec. 2009 -  thanks Mom and Kathy (L 4482)

March 2011- 1923 front hub

From Mark M. "I would call it a 1920- 1921 (maybe early 1922.) The neck is 1920-1924.
The seat post casting is 1917-1922. The top rear motor mount is early 1916-1921 and may have also been used on early
(first few thousand) 1922's before the cylinders were made slightly longer." This was first frame; it's been sold.
( The bike is not as small as it looks; it is heavy! (I will work on smiling) March 2011)

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