Corvallis Oregon: you gotta love the place!           click on image to get larger view

Oreleans area (Corvallis, on relatively high ground, fared better than Orleans, established directly across the Willamette River in the 1850's. Orleans was wiped out by The 1861 Flood.)
Yes, we have a golf course.
We also have wind and rain.
Electric Depot (center)
Electric Depot from Corvallis Bridge
Corvallis sidewalk Inspector

PS No.12 -> old Franklin School
1889 date above door. Torn down about 1954.
kids in middle     kids at right
SE corner of Central H.S.
PS No.12 at left (west)
Central High School - east side facing 6th St.   Burned 1946
There are no downtown schools in Corvallis.
NE corner

2nd & Monroe, NE corner
fruther south on 2nd St.  about VanBuren

5th St. looking south from Madison Ave. 1909
SE Corvallis, looking toward NW
moving to the left of previous picture 1912

Graham and Wells (Jefferson & 2nd.) Now Albright and Raw (Madison & 3rd)

M.E. Chuch down the street; 4th and Madison, NW corner
Benton Hotel; 5th & Monroe, SW corner
Benton Hotel, about 1927

Walkway looking west toward Admin. Building.  About 1909.
now Music Dept., SE corner
OAC Administration Building, NE corner
1900 NW corner & Martha Avery,
granddaughter of Corvallis' founder

15th & Monroe, SE corner

Forestry Building in Portland, Or.
Built for Lewis And Clark Exposition.
Burned 1964.